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December 9, 2014
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December 9, 2014
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Keep Your Mouth Healthy with Preventive Dentistry

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Preventative Dentistry

If you thought that brushing and flossing every day was enough to keep those cavities and gum disease at bay, you would be sadly mistaken. These days your dentist recommends that you practice Preventive Dentistry to help you keep your teeth for the rest of your life.

Preventive Dentistry is the key to healthy teeth and gums, In fact, if you have a program that your dentist approves of, you will not only be promoting good oral hygiene, but could also be preventing heart disease, auto immune disorders, strong and even Alzheimer’s Disease.

Web MD explains that there is a direct connection between poor oral health and disease thanks to plaque and tartar travelling from your mouth and through your blood stream. If dangerous bacteria and plaque begin to clog your arteries, you could be asking for congestive heart failure.

The best way to start a new chapter in your life when it comes to Preventive Dentistry is to brush twice and floss once each day. If you are unsure how to brush, ask your dentist or check out the World Wide Web where you will find dozens of videos that will teach you how to brush and floss your teeth.

Brushing and flossing will only take you so far. In order to keep your mouth healthy you should also schedule regular checkups with your dentist. During your dental appointment, your dentist will check for oral cancer, update your health information, and give you a thorough checkup. Your dentist may also take x-rays in order to catch any problems that are not detected by the naked eye.

If you have unrestored molars, your dentist may also recommend dental sealants. Dental sealants are painted on the back teeth to protect the tiny fissures and crevices that can trap food particles and bacteria. Those areas are difficult to get to with a toothbrush or floss and that’s where dental sealants come in.

When it comes to Preventive Dentistry, you can count on your dentist to give you the best advice. Schedule your appointment for a dental checkup today.

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