Preventive Dentistry - Anaheim Hills

An Ounce Of Prevention Goes a Long Way.

At Advanced Smile Design we take your continued dental health to heart. We are a general dental practice, which means we can competitively offer every service you and your family require to keep on smiling, including regularly scheduled hygiene care, dental exams and dental care education.

Our digital x-rays mean up to 90% less radiation, and our intra-oral camera allows you to see what we see, and for us to explain the best way to keep your teeth, gums and jaw stable. Dr. Jack Ringer’s dental exam protocols safely detect decay and disease early on, and he implements a policy of pain-avoidance using no-drill, non-invasive techniques to help mitigate dental anxiety and set up a habit of proper care. And our hygienist works tirelessly to make sure smiles leave our office clean and bright and armed with knowledge.

That’s why complete care and education are our primary goals. You see, we have a commitment to work with our patients on understanding how to care for their smiles in between visits, so that as little dentistry as possible is required during a lifetime. After all, nothing replaces a healthy, stable mouth and smile.

Contact our office today to schedule your cleaning and exam and let us change the way you experience dentistry.