Our Technology

Our Technology: Modern Dentistry Changes Everything.

Our friendly hi-tech office and knowledgeable staff consistently participate in continued education programs, pioneering new tools and innovative solutions and empowering you as an active participant for your dental health and beauty. Our continuous investment in the most advanced techniques in dentistry and state of the art equipment sets us apart as the premium provider of the ultimate patient experience in Orange County.

Intraoral Camera

With an intra oral digital camera in our dental office, patient education is simplified as we can help you see what we see. This intraoral camera offers instantaneous and thorough inside view of your mouth, helping us serve you better by being able to diagnose, for example, fractures that our naked eye would never have seen and offer you proactive and timely treatment for your best dental health.

Computer Imaging and Simulation

Using computer simulation technology, we make it possible for you to compare your current smile and your future smile. Through this process, you will see what you would look like in your new smile BEFORE any permanent therapy begins, allowing you to make your decisions with confidence. You should not start any therapy before seeing a computer simulation, to cut down time and costs of re-dos. Find out more about our process today. Call us at 714-974-0313 to schedule your cosmetic consultation.

Computer Assisted Anesthesia

It is now possible for a patient to receive anesthesia for a dental procedure in a virtually painless manner and without the associated lip, tongue and face numbing! Utilizing the computer assisted STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia) device, the dentist is able to anesthetize ("numb") either a single tooth or multiple teeth without using the conventional needle; resulting in the patient being more comfortable, both physically and emotionally.

Computer Controlled Micro Air Abrasion

Micro abrasion is a no-drill option for removing tooth decay, a technology that allows the us to remove tooth decay without the need for a drill, and in most cases, without the need of anesthesia (no shots!). This is an ideal device to be used for you and your children who present with initial decay in their mouth. Micro-abrasion is also used to improve dental efficiency and prognosis when bonding various tooth colored restorations.

3D Imaging and Digital Impression for Patient Comfort and Accurate Treatment

No more mess or gagging from impression material. These digital impressions systems replace the tray and putty method of impressing patients with a highly detailed digital scan of the tooth prep area. This technology-driven process eliminates the imprecision synonymous with conventional impressions. It also improves communication between the dental laboratory and the dentist, increases productivity, and lowers rejection rates. Our experience is that our patients are very happy about this, and we are glad we made this investment as it improves clinical outcomes so we can serve you better, smarter, more effective and easier. Our office utilizes today's benchmark for digital impressions which is the Lava Chair side Oral Scanner (COS) by 3M/ESPE.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays is a "Green" process that eliminates the need for conventional chemical developing. Digital x-ray is also instantaneous and requires less radiation and therefore, healthier for the patient and allows the dentist to be more efficient and accurate with his/hers diagnostic evaluation of the patient.


• Dental lasers offer us the ability to treat all kinds of issues painlessly, quickly and easily. Our laser is 100% safe and effective, spares you from the pain of a blade or drill, inhibits the danger of infection upon healing, and allows you to return to your normal life almost immediately.

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