Full Mouth Reconstruction - Anaheim Hills

Full Mouth Reconstruction

In the past when the ravages of time or sub-par dentistry took their toll on us, we were left to adapt as best we could. Thanks to advances in modern dental technology combined with the specialized skill and experience of Dr. Jack Ringer, we can now rehabilitate anyone’s teeth, gums, jaw and smile, restoring not just functionality but beauty and confidence.

A Full-Mouth Reconstruction is a highly individualized treatment plan meant to restore the functionality of your teeth, gums and jaw, with an emphasis on providing naturally conservative esthetics that last and perform beautifully over the course of time.

As a practicing cosmetic dentist with over 30 years of experience restoring thousands of “botched” smiles, Dr. Jack Ringer has come to be considered an expert at Full-Mouth Reconstruction by his colleagues. Both an Accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and a Past President, Dr. Ringer has taken the time to invest in his skills, and it is our patients who benefit.

If you believe you are a candidate for an individualized Full Mouth Reconstruction, please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.