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Dealing with a Dental Emergency

Jack Ringer DDS

Dental Emergency

Hosting your very first Christmas party can be stressful enough, but add a Dental Emergency to the mix, and your levels could go through the roof. Although every Dental Emergency should be taken care of as quickly as possible, a lost crown or filling doesn’t have to ruin the festivities.

Enjoying that sticky fruit plate that your mother sent you from Florida may be better for your waistline than the chocolate fudge your boss gave you, but the Huffington Post explains that it can cause some serious problems for your teeth, especially your dental restorations.

If you enjoyed one too many sticky figs or dates and have lost a crown or filling, retrieve it as quickly as possible. Keep it in a safe place and call your dentist. Even if you have to wait until the next day because of your holiday event, don’t forget to schedule an appointment for your Dental Emergency. If you wait to have the repair, you may have more problems to deal with later on.

Lost fillings and crowns can cause your teeth to move in order to fill the space. See your dentist as soon as you can to avoid additional tooth decay removal. If you have waited too long, you may have to have a new crown made, which could prove costly.

You may be able to place the crown or filling temporarily back in the cavity. Make sure that you clean the damaged tooth before attempting to place the restoration back in the tooth. Apply some dental cement, available from your local pharmacy, Vaseline or a denture adhesive. Remember, this is only a temporary fix until you can see your dentist.

If the filling or crown is impossible to put back on the tooth, apply a dental adhesive, as this will help protect the damaged area from additional decay. If you are experiencing any pain, apply clove oil to the damaged tooth with a cotton bud before using any type of dental cement.

Never use household glues or adhesive. That Superglue that works on your collectibles is unsafe, toxic, and will harm the tooth and crown.

Dental Emergencies happen, but if taken care of properly don’t usually require an urgent trip to the dentist. Enjoy your party and partake in the goodies, but don’t forget to call your dentist and schedule an Emergency appointment for dental repairs.

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