Our Smile Gallery of Happy Patients

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A licia came to me because she was unhappy with her old crowns on her front teeth. She also noticed that her gumline didn’t look even. After designing a smile for Alicia, we proceeded with bleaching her lower teeth, contouring her gum tissue on her upper arch, followed by placing four new new crowns and four veneers on her 8 top teeth.Alicia says she now feels confident showing a big smile!


B ob is a highly successful businessman who is extremely outgoing, but felt that his teeth were unsightly and had a negative impact particularly when interacting with his clients. After evaluating his smile design, Bob decided that he wanted porcelain veneers on his top teeth as far back as his smile would show. So we placed 10 veneers with a light natural color. Bob now smiles with confidence which compliments his personality.
  • Before-Bruce
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B ruce is a man who always likes to smile and came to me feeling that his teeth were making him look older which made him feel more uncomfortable to smile. We designed a smile for Bruce which when he saw it, decided he wanted to do a new smile makeover. Our final treatment was placing porcelain 10 veneers on the top and 10 veneers on the bottom to restore Bruce’s teeth to what they looked like many years before. Needless to say, Bruce feels very confident to smile!


G iselle, who is a very attractive young woman, came to me stating she was unhappy with her teeth, which made her uncomfortable smiling. We noticed that her teeth were too short, not proportional and discolored. After creating a smile design, we treated Giselle by bleaching her upper and lower teeth and placing veneers on her front 6 teeth to restore them to more natural proportions and a lighter color. Giselle new smile has made her even more attractive and confident!
  • Before-Leissa
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L eissa is a very attractive woman whose teeth have been treated at various times in her life leaving her with a patchwork appearance which made Leissa unhappy and not enjoying smiling. Leissa said she wanted to redo her restorations so her smile would look natural and youthful. After creating a design that Leissa wanted, we placed a combinations of veneers and crowns on her top 10 teeth. Now when Leissa smiles, she feels confident that her smile appears natural and beautiful to her, and those that see her smile


K ristina, who is a young, outgoing and attractive woman, came to me because she didn’t like the gaps between her small front teeth along with the color. I showed her a computer simulation as to what we could do for her, and she couldn’t wait to start treatment. We bleached Kristina’s top and bottom teeth and, modified the gum tissue so it appeared more natural and then placed ceramic restorations on her front top 6 six teeth to close the gaps, correct their shape and size and to give them a natural light shade. We are very happy that Kristina now has a smile to be proud of!
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L inger is a very attractive woman who has a big smile, but years ago she had restorations placed on her front teeth that have chipped and stained over time leaving her with an unattractive smile. Ginger wanted “Hollywood” white teeth so we placed 8 new porcelain veneers on her top teeth giving her the smile she has always dreamed of.


M ark was the type of patient who for many years neglected his teeth resulting in a lot of decay, loss of teeth and an unsightly smile. After designing a new smile for Mark, he engaged in specialized treatment including gum surgery and implant placement followed by placing all ceramic restorations for all his teeth. Mark now has a beautiful new smile and is motivated to maintaining them with regular dental check-ups.
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L ori is a young beautiful girl who presented with her 2 lateral incisors (the teeth right next to her front teeth) looking like they did not fit in with her smile. We designed a new smile, which entailed bleaching her natural teeth followed by placing 2 porcelain veneers on her lateral incisors that were balanced in size and shape; along with matching to her natural teeth. Lori’s new smile was achieved with minimal therapy but giving a remarkable result!


L iz is a patient who for years neglected her teeth due to a fear of going to the dentist as a result of a history of bad experiences with the dentist. Now as a young attractive woman, she felt it was necessary to repair the damage for health reasons along with improving her appearance. We designed a new smile, which entailed doing some minor gingival (gum) work along with placing ceramic restorations on her 8 front teeth in light natural color, plus repairing with tooth colored restorations any of her other teeth that were damaged or decayed. Not only is her smile restored, but also so is her confidence in seeing the dentist!