Dental Fear Nipped in the Bud with The Wand®

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July 10, 2017
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Dental Fear Nipped in the Bud with The Wand®

All The Benefits Without The Pain

Dental fear and dental phobia is at the top of the list when it comes to avoiding the dentist. However, Dr. Jack Ringer, an accredited Fellow with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is a licensed and preferred STA® Wand® Dentist who will take the fear out of the dreaded shot.

The Single Tooth Anesthesia System is a virtually painless injection system offered by Dental Cosmetics in Anaheim Hills that replaces traditional dental syringes. The anesthetic computer controlled delivery system has really changed the field of dentistry, especially when you consider that the humble syringe hasn’t changed much since it was invented over 150 years ago.

How does The Wand® Work?

The Wand® used by Dr. Ringer is a small hand held device that looks just like a pen delivering a small amount of anesthetic in a slower more comfortable way. Unlike any other technology available in the world, The Wand® works at a slow rate and lower pressure working more efficiently giving the patient a much more pleasant and comfortable dental experience.

What to Expect from The Wand®

According to Dr. Ringer, the computer unit looks nothing like an old school syringe. You’ll also notice that your dentist is more comfortable using the hand piece as it really is held just like a pen. Most patients aren’t even aware that they have had in injection.

After the procedure, you will not feel numbness in your lips, cheek and tongue. Unlike conventional dental injections, you won’t have to go back to the office with a droopy cheek or a one sided smile.

Dr. Ringer from Dental Cosmetics in Anaheim Hills, explains that it isn’t the needle that causes pain, but the anesthetic itself. If the anesthetic is delivered with too much force, or too quickly, you may feel pain. Because the hardware and The Wand® handpiece work together it is nearly impossible to deliver the medication too fast.

Although there are many types of dental fear, one of the most common is the fear of needles. The Wand® still uses a needle, but the innovative, patient friendly anesthetic delivery system makes it much more comfortable easing the patients anxiety and dental fear. Just seeing that the wand looks like a pen and not a syringe helps patients with dental phobia’s relax.

Why Do Some Dentists Still Use the Syringe?

According to Dr. Ringer The Wand® takes training. To use The Wand® a dentist must be a preferred provider of The Wand®. Some dentists just don’t have the time, or would prefer to use conventional syringes because they do not want to learn a new dental procedure.

Dr. Ringer from Dental Cosmetics in Anaheim Hills is at the forefront of new dental technology providing his patients with the equipment and procedures to help patients who suffer from dental fear.

STA® Wand® Benefits

• More comfortable than a traditional syringe
• Reduces anxiety and stress
• Collateral numbness reduced or eliminated
• More time efficient
• Patients can return to work without having to deal with a numb face

The Single Tooth Anesthesia System really can help ease dental fear, but not all Orange County dentists have the training or the technology to provide you with a more comfortable solution to the dreaded needle, but Dental Cosmetics in Anaheim Hills does.

If you have a dental phobia or suffer from dental fear, you don’t have to avoid the dentist. Call or click and schedule an appointment with Dr. Jack Ringer who can deliver pain free dentistry without an old school shot.

Call or click and schedule your dental appointment today, and don’t forget to ask Dr. Ringer and his team from Dental Cosmetics in Anaheim Hills about the revolutionary Single Tooth Anesthesia System using The Wand®.

With The Wand®, you may never fear the dentist again. Call or click now for painfree dentistry with the Wand®.


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