Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Implants for a New Smile

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September 18, 2017
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Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Implants for a New Smile

cosmetic dentistry

cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry could be just what the doctor ordered if you lack self-confidence.

Having a gorgeous smile isn’t that difficult if you practice good oral hygiene. However, brushing, flossing, and regular checkups with your dentist won’t help if you weren’t born with a perfect smile.

Most people aren’t blessed with a beautiful smile, and may need cosmetic enhancements, and that is where Dr. Jack Ringer, past president and an Accredited Fellow with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry comes in.

Dr. Ringer has the expertise and the experience to put that smile back on your face with professional tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, cosmetic dental bonding, invisible braces and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dr. Ringer can even give you a beautiful smile with dental implants.

cosmetic dentistry

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are made from titanium, which is biocompatible to your body. The titanium posts give your new artificial teeth a sturdy and strong foundation as the natural bone fuses or attaches itself to the dental implant.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

When dental implants are placed properly, they act as natural teeth and can be used to cement dental bridges, which eliminate the need for dentures.

Is Everyone a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. If you smoke, are an excessive drinker or have gum disease you may not have enough bone to hold the dental implant in place. If this is the case, Dr. Ringer may recommend bone or tissue grafting. People who can’t where dentures may be suitable for dental implants. If you have diabetes, bruxism, chronic health problems, or systemic disease, implant success rate decreases dramatically.

What to Expect

Dr. Ringer and his team will perform surgery so that the artificial root can be anchored on or into your jawbone. The dental implant procedure takes place in the dental office using local or general anesthetic. Once the gum has been secured on top of the implant, it will stay covered until the implant fuses with your jawbone. Once healed, the post will be covered with an artificial crown that looks and feels like a natural tooth.

How Long Does the Dental Implant Process Take?

The dental implant process can take up to nine months to complete, as every patient will heal differently. Once the posts are surgically placed, the healing takes about six months with the final fitting no more than two. Sometimes the posts and artificial teeth can be fitted in a single dental appointment if you have healthy gums and bone.

cosmetic dentistry

Dental Implant Care

Poor oral hygiene is the number one reason dental implants fail. It is vital that you practice good oral hygiene including brushing twice and flossing once each day. Dr. Ringer will give you instructions on dental implant care, including dental appointments four times a year to make sure that your dental implants and gums are in good shape.

Dental Implant Cost

Dental Implants will cost more than dentures and traditional bridgework, but can last for the rest of your life if you practice good oral hygiene. Dentures and bridges will need to be replaced eventually, especially if there are changes in the bone.

cosmetic dentistry

Your smile is the first thing someone notices when you walk into a room and if you greet a person with a close mouthed smile, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ringer who can determine what cosmetic dentistry procedure would be best for you.

If you would like more information regarding porcelain veneers, cosmetic dental bonding, invisible braces, dental implants or any other cosmetic dentistry procedure, call or click and schedule a no obligation cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Jack Ringer from Dental Cosmetics Anaheim Hills.

Cosmetic dentistry really will make a difference to your confidence and your overall health.

Call or click and schedule an appointment with Orange County cosmetic dentist Dr. Jack Ringer today.

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