Porcelain Veneers Everything you need to Know

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September 11, 2017
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Porcelain Veneers Everything you need to Know

porcelain veneers

porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers could be the answer if you are unhappy with your reflection. Cosmetic dental veneers are the fast and easy way to a new smile; however, not all dentists in Anaheim Hills have mastered the art of cosmetic veneer placement.

According to Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Jack Ringer, a smile that you are happy with could even help you snap up that new job or promotion.

What are Veneers?

Cosmetic dental veneers are thin ceramic or porcelain sheets that are custom made to bond to the front of your teeth. Each porcelain veneer is hand crafted from Dr. Ringers instructions and resemble natural enamel.

Dental Cosmetics Anaheim Hills may recommend cosmetic veneers for chipped or cracked teeth or teeth that cannot be lightened with professional teeth whitening. Porcelain veneers can even be used to close that small gap between your teeth.

porcelain veneers

The History of Porcelain Veneers

Although cosmetic veneers have only been popular the past twenty years, they have actually been around since the late 1920’s when Hollywood dentist Dr. Charles Pincus created cosmetic veneers that he would temporarily apply to the fronts of actors and actresses’ teeth.

The veneers transformed Hollywood Smiles and quickly became a red carpet trademark. However,  it wasn’t until the late 1960s that a stronger bonding material was used to secure the veneers.

porcelain veneers

In 1982, porcelain veneers were accessible to everyone.

Today’s Veneers

Over the past few decades, dental technology has improved porcelain veneers using more natural looking materials and applications that, when placed properly, give patients a beautiful smile that matches face shape and personality. The digital imaging systems used by Dental Cosmetics Anaheim create veneers that fit perfectly over your teeth.

The Porcelain Veneer Process

You will need three dental appointments for dental veneers. The first visit will be a consultation followed by a second and third visit to make and place your new dental veneers.

Diagnosis Treatment Plan

Dr. Ringer will ask for your participation after making sure that cosmetic veneers are the right choice. You may want to have pictures so that you can show Dr. Ringer what you would like to see your smile look like.

You will be made aware of the procedure, what takes place and what you can expect. Digital pictures and x-rays will also be taken for impressions and molds of your teeth, gums, and mouth.


Porcelain veneers are permanent as some enamel needs to be removed to make way for the thin sheets of porcelain. The enamel removal process may or may not require anesthetic. Next, Dr. Ringer will make an impression or mold of the teeth that are to be veneered. The model is sent to a laboratory for manufacture, which can take two to four weeks. For unsightly teeth, Dental Cosmetics Anaheim Hills may recommend temporary cosmetic veneers.


Before your dental veneers are bonded, Dr. Ringer will place them temporarily to check for color and fit, trimming as needed. Once satisfied with the results the team from Dental Cosmetics Orange County will clean the teeth before etching. The etching makes for a stronger bond. Special dental cement that matches the color of your teeth and the veneer is used. When positioned properly, a laser or light is used to harden the bond.

Final Checks

Finally, Dr. Ringer will check your bite and remove any extra bonding material before making final adjustments. Dr. Ringer may recommend a follow up to check on the performance of your new porcelain veneers.

porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers can last well over a decade if you brush, floss and schedule regular dental appointments. Although veneers are strong never chew on ice or your favorite pencil as you could chip the veneers.

Good oral hygiene is imperative as the tooth under the veneer is still subject to dental caries.

You really can improve your self-esteem with cosmetic dentistry. Call or click and schedule a no obligation smile consultation with Orange County’s most popular cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jack Ringer.

There has never been a better time to put that smile back on your face.

Call or click for more information regarding porcelain veneers Anaheim Hills today.

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