Dr. Ringer Featured in Dental Product Shopper Restoration Materials

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Dr. Ringer Featured in Dental Product Shopper Restoration Materials


Dr. Ringer

Dr. Jack Ringer is passionate about sharing his knowledge and talent with the dental community and is a continuing contributor to periodicals, magazines, and television programs.

In a recent article featured in Dental Product Shopper, Dr. Ringer talks about balancing composite restoration materials for esthetic performance for lifelike restorations. Dr. Ringer shares what he looks for in a cosmetic dental restoration material and what he does and doesn’t prefer.

In the Product Shopper Article, Dr. Jack Ringer likens composite selection to buying a car. “A lot of it can become personal taste because it’s like going to a car dealership. You know that they’re all going to work, but there may be something about one or the other that just fits in with one’s lifestyle better,” explains Dr. Ringer.

Product Shopper is dedicated to reviews and professional articles that help consumers and other doctors in the dental field make knowledgeable decisions based on the information from the website. Dr. Ringer recently introduced the Mosaic by Untradent to his practice.

Dr. Jack Ringer

What is Mosaic?

Mosaic is a light cured restorative composite that is bis-GMA-based and light cured. Although it is too early to give an adequate evaluation on the longevity of Mosaic, Dr. Ringer is pleased with Mosaic as it, “Fits the bill,” in the right areas.


Ultradent, makers of the product, claim the the handling properties of the material offer total control when being used as Mosaic is pliable, smooth and consistent offering the dentist plenty of time under ambient light. Mosaic doesn’t slump out of place and it won’t flow.

Dr. Ringer says, “The handling is awesome. It’s optimal for placing in fillings and flows nicely for doing esthetic work.” “Sometimes you’ll get a composite where you pack it in, and it’s too sticky or it’s too runny. So far, I’m finding no issues with Mosaic that would make me go back to using other products.” Dr. Jack Ringer

Easy to Use

According to Dr. Ringer, Mosaic comes in syringes that offer a contoured smooth handle that allows for easy grip, identification, and cleaning. The syringes are available in 4-g and 0.2g unit solutions for easy placement.

When it comes to shade selection and blending, Dr. Ringer is pleased with the 20 tabs on the shade guide and says that, “Ultradentent apparently did their homework on shade selection,” and goes on to say that, “I used Uveneer, with Mosaic and when polished and placed it looks great.”

Dr. Ringer loves the fact that Mosaic fits in with his dental practice. These days’ people live a fast-paced lifestyle and are searching for cosmetic dental procedures that fit both their lifestyle and their budget.

Dr. Jack Ringer

Most people don’t have the luxury to wait two, three, or even four dental appointments to complete simple cosmetic dental restorations. Mosaic is the affordable way to give patients a new smile without spending precious time at the third dental appointment waiting for a new dental crown.


Mosaic allows Dr. Ringer to create natural looking cosmetic restorations that mimic the look of natural teeth using Mosaic to mold the perfect smile.

Unlike other cosmetic restoration composite materials, Mosaic balances performance and beauty with a universal composite that is lifelike, and long lasting, and because it feathers to a very thin edge, Dr. Ringer won’t have to be concerned about tearing or crumbling. With Mosaic, Dr. Ringer can control the flow and consistency of the restoration material.

Mosaic is proving to be an effective and natural looking solution to chipped, cracked, and stained teeth. Mosaic can also be used for small fillings and dental crowns.

Dr. Ringer

Dr. Jack Ringer is an Accredited Fellow with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and along with his team from Dental Cosmetics in Anaheim Hills has the education, talent, knowledge and, most importantly, experience to evaluate every smile.

If you have always wanted a new smile, but just don’t have the time, call or click and schedule a smile consultation with Dr. Jack Ringer from Dental Cosmetics Anaheim Hills, it really will make a difference to your overall health and well being.

Call or click now, and don’t forget to check out the article in Dental Product Shopper. Mosaic is an amazing product that will give you amazing results. Call now.

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