Dental Sedation for Anxiety and Stress

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Dental Sedation for Anxiety and Stress


Does the thought of having your teeth examined send you through the roof? Are you deathly afraid of the dentist, so much, so that you neglect it until the pain is unbearable?


Dental sedation is the answer if you answered yes to either of those questions, there is help. With modern day sedation, you can have your teeth worked on without feeling anxious and stressed.

Dr. Jack Ringer is one of the most well known dentists in Southern California and can put your anxiety at ease with sedation techniques that work.

What is Dental Sedation?

The American Dental Association explains that sedation puts dental anxiety and stress at ease. Your dentist in Anaheim Hills agrees that in this day and age, there is no reason to avoid the dentist.

Does Dental Sedation Work for Everyone?

When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Ringer for dental sedation he will check your mental an physical condition before proceeding. Because certain conditions require a doctor’s clearance, your dentist in Orange County needs a complete medical history before sedation is administered. People who suffer from respiratory disease, diabetes, hypertension, or cardiac disease must be cleared before sedation.

Sedation Methods

Laughing Gas for Sedation

Laughing gas is probably the most common type of dental sedation. Nitrous oxide, also known as inhalation analgesia, is used by Dr. Ringer to calm the patient and alleviate pain. Laughing gas won’t put you to sleep, but it is effective in reducing stress and dental anxiety.

Local anesthesia injections are often used in combination with laughing gas for consistency. If the patient is fearful of needles, nitrous oxide will be used on its own. Laughing gas is the only sedation technique that allows you to drive yourself home after the procedure.

Enteral for Dental Sedation

This type of sedation is taken orally in liquid or pill form. Like a local anesthetic, it can be used with laughing gas. You will probably still be awake during your dental procedure if you have enteral for sedation. A drive home may be necessary after enteral for sedation.

IV Dental Sedation

Another form of dental sedation, Dr. Ringer explains that IV sedation is injected into your vein. This allows your Anaheim Hills Dentist to provide you with a deeper dental sedation. Although you are awake throughout the dental treatment, you are much less aware. You will need someone to drive you home from the office if you have IV sedation.

General Anesthesia for Dental Sedation

Mostly used in dental surgeries such as dental implants, general anesthesia puts you to sleep throughout the dental procedure.

Using drugs that are injected into your vein, Dr. Ringer and his team of dental sedation experts may use a gaseous anesthetic as well. With general anesthesia, recovery time is required and you will need a ride home from Dental Cosmetics in Anaheim Hills.

Being afraid of the dentist only makes things worse. Call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Ringer.

Your dentist in Orange County can alleviate your fears with dental sedation. Call for a dental appointment in the OC today.

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