The Gift of a Smile Thanks to Cosmetic Dentistry

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March 1, 2021
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The Gift of a Smile Thanks to Cosmetic Dentistry

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8 Reasons to Put on a Happy Face

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, especially if your smile is something you would rather not show the world.

According to American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Accredited Fellow Dr. Jack Ringer, smiling makes you glow and feel better about yourself, both inside and out. Restorative and cosmetic dentistry bring back the glow if yours has lost its sparkle.

Everyone is Happy When You Smile

Having a healthy and beautiful smile makes you and everyone around you happy because when you smile they smile.

With that being said, smiling isn’t the only reason to turn up the corners of your mouth, even if it always isn’t a truthful grin.

Smile Benefits for Oral and Overall Health

  • A Natural Stress Reliever
  • Smiling Helps You Live Longer
  • Elevates Your Mood
  • It’s Contagious
  • Smiling Boosts the Immune System
  • A Natural Pain Reliever
  • Smiling Makes You Beautiful
  • Smiling Makes You More Confident

1. Smiles Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety cause a rise in blood pressure and can affect your heart rate. When you smile, the endorphins released by your brain give you a boost making you feel better about the situation.

2. You’ll Live Longer

Studies show that people who grin more often live longer. It seems that people who enjoy life smile more often and have a longer lifespan. Genuine intense smiling practiced daily really does help you live a longer, healthier life.

3. Grinning Elevates Your Mood

Grinning makes you feel better. If you are depressed turn up the corners of your mouth. While as difficult as it may seem, you’ll feel better because those endorphins are working again to make you feel better.

4. When You Smile Others Do Too

It’s contagious. When you smile at someone, it’s very difficult for them not to return the favor. Make it a habit and start with a grin every time you wake up. You’ll soon find it becomes a healthy habit that makes you look and feel better.

5. An Immune System Booster

Smiling boosts your immune system because again, those feel good endorphins are doing their job healing you and your stress levels. Anxiety and stress lower the immune system making you more susceptible to disease.

6. Natural Pain Relievers

You have to thank those brain endorphins once again for relieving your pain releasing natural pain relievers, which are much better for you than over the counter or prescription medications.

7. Smiling Makes You Beautiful

When you grin, you look more beautiful on the inside and the outside. When people see someone smile they can’t help but think that person is a happy person and because smiling makes you happier they are right.

8. Smiling Makes You Confident

A person who smiles is much more likely to get the job than someone who doesn’t. When you smile, you appear more confident to the world around you. Try smiling more the next time you are in a meeting or at a job interview and see what a difference it makes.

Cosmetic Dentistry to Help You Smile Again

If your smile isn’t something you like to share, call or send a text and set up a no obligation virtual smile consultation with Dr. Jack Ringer and his team today.



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