Missing Teeth Hurt Your Smile and More

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September 9, 2019
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September 23, 2019
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Missing Teeth Hurt Your Smile and More

Missing teeth cause a multitude of problems and can even affect your other teeth, but it’s not just the abutment teeth that are affected with missing teeth.

According to Dr. Jack Ringer, past president and an accredited Fellow with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, missing teeth cause movement in other teeth as well.

Missing Teeth Problems

Just imagine not enjoying a delicious Granny Smith apple or a juicy T-bone steak because of a missing tooth or teeth. Eating with fewer teeth that you were born with is uncomfortable and can affect nutrition as well.

Because you are not able to enjoy nutritious foods such as crunchy fruits, meaty proteins and handful of nuts that are high in phosphorous you are not getting the vitamins and minerals you need. Missing teeth lead to malnutrition. Malnutrition also affects your gums.

How People Lose Teeth

Your Orange County dentist explains that people often lose teeth because of a car or sports accident, but the biggest reason people have missing teeth is poor oral hygiene.

Brushing twice, flossing once a day, a healthy diet and regular appointments with your dentist in Anaheim Hills prevents tooth decay, gum disease, and missing teeth.

The Problems With Missing Teeth

If it is obvious you are missing teeth when you smile, it will affect your overall confidence. Missing teeth can have serious psychological and physical implications if not dealt with.

Other problems include:
  • Problems Chewing
  • Malnutrition
  • Shifting Teeth
  • Speech Problems
  • Bone Loss
  • Early Aging
  • Loss of Confidence
  • Missed Job Opportunities
  • Depression and Mental Health Issues

More Problems with Missing Teeth

Dr. Ringer explains that when your teeth are missing, it is nearly impossible to chew food. This often results in less food consumption leading to malnutrition.

Teeth shift when there is too much room in the mouth. Shifting teeth cause crowding and gapping making oral hygiene more difficult. It can also cause bite misalignment and long term dental issues.

While speech problems are embarrassing because of missing teeth, they will also diminish self-esteem. If you are not able to smile, you will not feel very good about yourself. Not being able to speak or smile, makes it difficult to socialize with others and even more problematic if you are seeking employment.

Bone loss happens because the tooth roots are not exercising your gums. Known as atrophy this makes you look older than you are and actually changes the structure and shape of your face. If you see someone whose face is sunken in they are probably missing one or more teeth.

Solutions for Missing Teeth

According to Dr. Ringer, over 180 million people in the United States have one or more missing teeth. Some of the solutions provided by your OC dentist include dentures, dental bridges and of course, the best solution for missing teeth, dental implants.

While not all people are candidates for dental implants, technology has widened the pool thanks to sinus lift and bone graft surgery. Dental Cosmetics Anaheim Hills has a dental implant team that will determine what type of implants would be best for your situation.

Missing teeth don’t have to be and shouldn’t be an issue for you. With so many dental plans available, with most insurances covering solutions for missing teeth, you can have a new smile with permanent teeth that are just as strong, if not stronger than your natural teeth.

Call for a No Obligation Consultation in OC

If you have missing teeth, call Dr. Ringer for a no obligation dental implants consultation. You can’t afford not to.

Call for a dental implants consultation with your Orange County dentist today.

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