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Is There a Dark Side to Teeth Whitening?

A beautiful smile is more than teeth whitening, and if you have been attempting to mask your chipped and cracked teeth with over the counter tooth whitening products, you could be doing extensive damage.

According to past president and Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, using any type of whitening product on damaged teeth is a risk that should not be taken.

Why You Shouldn’t Whiten Damaged Teeth

Dr. Ringer from Dental Cosmetics Anaheim Hills explains that decay will appear dark. If you try to lighten with tooth whitening polishes, strips, pastes, or rinses, you will irritate the decay. Teeth whitening should only proceed if your teeth and gums are healthy. Fix the issues first before you start whitening your teeth.

Below are A few Things to Consider Before Whitening

Call your OC Cosmetic Dentist First

Although over the counter teeth whitening products are not as expensive as professional teeth whitening, you will not get the same results. Polishes, gels, strips, pastes, rinses and teeth whitening trays can be effective; however, you should see your dentist first.

If you must use over the counter products ask Dr. Ringer which products would be the best for your situation. If you prefer trays, custom-made trays from Dr. Ringer are best, as they are more than a one size fits all solution.

Try the Natural Approach

Professional teeth whitening and over the counter whitening products are not the only solutions to stained and discolored teeth. Before you whiten your teeth, Dr. Ringer recommends that you:

  • Practice Good Oral Hygiene
  • Avoid Foods and Drinks that Stain Teeth
  • Stop Smoking
  • Follow Tooth Whitening Instructions

Whether you chose to have your teeth whitened professionally by Anaheim cosmetic dentist Dr. Ringer, or purchase products over the counter, you must follow the instructions. Using too much product too often can cause problems. Too much bleach can make your teeth sensitive and can eat away at the enamel on your teeth.

Tooth Whitening Won’t Work on Restorations

Teeth whitening will not work on dental fillings, crowns, implants, dental bridges and other types of dental restorations. Your natural teeth will become lighter, but your dental restorations will look the same. This will give you and uneven smile.

Talk to Dr. Ringer if you are planning a smile makeover, as you will want to match your new synthetic teeth to the rest of your smile. Scheduling professional teeth whitening before your cosmetic dental procedures assures a beautiful smile that will look bright and uniform.

Don’t Whiten Too Much

Whitening too often or with too much product at one time can damage your teeth. Transparent or chalky teeth are just too of the complaints dentists receive from patients who use too much tooth bleach. Tooth sensitivity is also an issue with too much tooth whitening.

After Care for Teeth Whitening

Eating or drinking the wrong things after a professional or at home tooth whitening can ruin your teeth whitening efforts. Sports, sodas, and acidic beverages will make your teeth sensitive. Red wine, coffee, and tea will be more readily absorbed the first 24 hours after whitening. Do not use tobacco 24 hours after your whitening treatment, better still; see it as an opportunity to kick the habit. Choose light colored foods such as peeled potatoes, rice, or chicken after a teeth-whitening treatment.

Following Up

Follow up sessions are vital if you want your smile to stay white and bright. Tooth whitening will not last forever. If you are careful, you may only need to touch up every 12 to 24 months. However, if you cannot give up the red wine, coffee, and tea, you may need a professional teeth whitening touch up with Dr. Ringer every six months.

If you would like more information regarding professional teeth whitening, call or click and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ringer. Your Orange County Cosmetic Dentist can lighten your teeth chairside in a single appointment, make custom made whitening trays that you take home, or recommend a combination of the two.

Call for a no obligation professional teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Ringer today.

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