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July 15, 2015
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Get Your Confidence Back With a New Smile

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Get Your Confidence Back With a New Smile

A New Smile really is possible, and it’s not as expensive or as painful as you may think.

If you have been neglecting your smile because you are either afraid of the dentist or just cannot afford the cost, schedule an appointment with the OC’s most well known and beloved cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jack Ringer.

Dr. Ringer is a Past President and Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a true artist when it comes to general and reconstructive dentistry. Thanks to Dr. Ringer’s expertise, thousands of patients have been able to gain back their self-confidence, which was lost because of cracked, broken, or missing teeth.

Dr. Ringers, Advanced Smile Design practice has the best technology available anywhere in the world, and thanks to modern 21st century dental restoration procedures, you can have a pain free new smile that will not cost you a fortune.

Unlike other cosmetic dentists in Orange County, Dr. Ringer will go through what he believes are your best options for your new smile while listening to any questions or concerns that you might have. Dr. Ringer believes that replicating the most natural smile possible is what is important when it comes to cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Dr. Ringer and his competent staff can provide you with a number of different options when it comes to cosmetic dentistry including Dental Veneers, Dental Bonding, Tooth Whitening, and Dental Implants and can even help fill out deficiencies and treat headaches and TMJ disorders thanks to his specialized training using cosmetic derma fillers and Botox. With cosmetic derma fillers and Botox, you can safely enhance your smile in as little as a single appointment.

When it comes to the best and most advanced general and restorative dental treatments, you can depend on the most well known dentist in Anaheim Hills to look after your best interests whether you have your heart set on a whiter brighter smile, or want to give your mouth a complete overhaul.

With Dr. Ringers complete oral health care philosophy; you can be assured that everything will be taken in to consideration including the function, condition and the esthetics of both your teeth and your gums. When you schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ringer everything will be evaluated from the way you bite, Sleep Apnea, breathing disorders and much more.

If you would like more information regarding general, restorative, or cosmetic dentistry, including a full mouth reconstruction, contact the caring professionals from Dr. Ringers Advanced Smile Design for a complimentary consultation for your new smile. After all, wouldn’t you like to be able to smile with confidence again? Schedule your appointment today.

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