Dental Implants Anaheim Hills for Missing Teeth

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Dental Implants Anaheim Hills for Missing Teeth

cosmetic dentistry

Dental implants can improve your self-confidence and your self-esteem, especially if you have a mouth full of broken, chipped, and missing teeth.

dental implants

Dr. Jack Ringer is an Accredited Fellow with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and can help you determine what steps you should take if you are considering dental implants

Cosmetic Dentistry can be something as simple as tooth whitening or something more complicated such as dental implant surgery. If you have missing teeth, talk to Dr. Ringer from Dental Cosmetics Orange County about dental implants. Dental implants could be just what you need if you can’t or just don’t want to wear dentures. Dental implants act as anchors for permanent replacement teeth that are just as strong, if not more sturdy, than your natural teeth.

dental implants

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are made from titanium and are tapered or cylindrical posts that Dr. Ringer and his team from Dental Cosmetics in Anaheim Hills will surgically place in or directly on your jawbone. These posts are substitutes for the roots of your teeth and during healing, will fuse to your jawbone becoming a sturdy and strong foundation for your new replacement teeth. Dr. Ringer may use this type of tooth replacement to replace one or more teeth. Dental implants can also be used to support a denture that contains multiple teeth or a dental bridge.

Who Can Benefit from Dental Implants?

People who are in good health, both physically and orally will benefit most from dental implants. People who have a healthy jawbone to support the dental implant are also the best candidates as are patients who have healthy gum tissue. Because dental implants are connected with your gum tissue and the bone, both need to be healthy for a successful dental implant surgery.

dental implants

What Can I Expect from the Dental Implant Procedure?

Depending on your condition and the type of dental implant, that Dr. Ringer chooses a custom-made dental implant treatment plan will be created to give you a beautiful new smile.

Some of the treatments that Dr. Ringer may consider include:

Replacing one tooth-If you are missing just one tooth, a single dental implant and a dental crown can do the job.

Replacing more than one tooth-If you are missing more than one tooth, Dental Cosmetics in Orange County may use implant-supported bridges.

Replacing Every Tooth-If you don’t have any of your natural teeth, Dr. Ringer may use an implant supported full denture or full bridge.

Sinus Augmentation-The key to a successful dental implant procedure is bone quality. According to Dr. Ringer, the upper part of the back jaw is usually the toughest to place and can be the least successful because of insufficient bone quality or quantity and its close location to the sinuses. Dr. Ringer may recommend sinus augmentation to raise the sinus floor, which will help develop bone for dental implants.

Ridge Modification-A deformed lower or upper jaw can leave a person with inadequate bone for dental implants. The problem can be corrected if the gum is lifted away exposing the defect. The defect will be filled with a bone substitute or bone that will help build the ridge. Ridge modification can increase the chances for a successful dental implant procedure.

dental implants

What to Expect After Treatment

Dental implants function and look like your natural teeth and still require good oral hygiene practices. Brush twice and floss every day, watch what you eat and schedule regular dental appointments to make sure that your new replacement teeth and your gums are healthy.

If you would like more information regarding dental implants, call or click and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ringer from Dental Cosmetics in Anaheim Hills, it really will make a difference to your self-esteem.

Call or click for more dental implant information today.

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