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Cosmetic Dentistry It’s a Yes

smile makeover dentist

If you are reluctant to go ahead with cosmetic dentistry, even though it’s on your bucket list, call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jack Ringer, or better still, try the Virtual Smile Consultation.

Virtual Smile Consultation Anaheim Hills

With a Virtual Smile Consultation you can receive cosmetic dentistry recommendations from the doctor himself without having to set foot out of your comfort zone.

Dr. Jack Ringer, Past President and an Accredited Fellow with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry will recommend restorative and cosmetic dentistry solutions virtually. It really is that simple. All you need is a steady hand and a camera phone.

The Virtual Smile Page asks you to snap a close up of your teeth and gums. You’ll also be asked some questions about what you do and don’t like about your reflection.

Be specific as this allows your cosmetic dentist in Anaheim Hills to be as detailed as possible when it comes to your cosmetic dentistry consultation.

The Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

One of the best things about modern dental technology is you can have your recommendations done virtually. That means everything that Dr. Ringer recommends is done via facetime, not in person.

After the two of you come up with a dental plan for your new smile, a dental appointment is scheduled for a meet, greet and examination.

Dr. Ringer prides himself on offering patients the best dental technology available. It’s no wonder he has added the amazing Virtual Smile Consultation to his list of services.

Learning from Your Virtual Smile Consultation

When you and your cosmetic dentist in Orange County sit down to discuss your oral health you’ll talk about any problems you may be experiencing.

For example, if gum disease is an issue, the two of you will talk about periodontal management. This means you’ll probably have additional dental appointments to take care of the issue.

If gingivitis or periodontal disease isn’t a problem, you and Dr. Ringer will talk about the restoration and cosmetic dentistry options available.

These options could include porcelain veneers in addition to inlays and onlays or even dental implants. If you have a problem with crooked teeth, Clear braces might be the answer.

Cosmetic Dentistry Orange County

Whatever the problem your Anaheim Hills cosmetic dentist has the answer. Call or send a message and talk to a team member from Dental Cosmetics and don’t forget to snap that selfie.

You won’t believe how beautiful your smile will be when you become a patient of Dental Cosmetics. Call or send a text today.

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