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An HST for Sleep Apnea

HST for Sleep Apnea

An HST for Sleep Apnea

An HST for Sleep Apnea could be just what you need if you suspect you are suffering from Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea is more than annoying, in fact, Sleep Apnea can be downright deadly, especially if you or someone you know is suffering from Sleep Apnea and doesn’t even know it.

Snoring is just one of the signs of Sleep Apnea; however, some people who snore may not even have Sleep Apnea. The only way to tell if you or someone you know is suffering from Sleep Apnea is to see your doctor who will send you to a sleep specialist for a sleep study or a home sleep study.

When Sleep Apnea was first discovered people who had Sleep Apnea had to stay overnight at a clinic in order to participate in a sleep study conducted by a sleep specialist. During the sleep study, the patient would be hooked up to all kinds of wires in order to detect how often the patient woke up unable to take a breath every night. These days’ people who may have Sleep Apnea can participate in a home sleep study making life just a little bit easier.

An HST for Sleep Apnea, or a home sleep test is used to help your doctor diagnose Sleep Apnea. The majority of home sleep test devices are portable and equivalent to the size of a phone headset.

Also known as, an unattended sleep study, the equipment used will measure the oral and nasal airflow and the respiratory effort. A small oxymeter finger probe is also used to evaluate blood oxygen levels while sleeping.

During the HST for Sleep Apnea, the equipment will sensor sleep time for approximately one to three nights after which the sleep test device is returned so that a sleep specialist can download and process the information. Once interpreted, the report is sent back to your primary care physician who will discuss your options if you are diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.

One of the most common ways to treat Sleep Apnea is with a CPAP device, however, nearly 50 percent of patients who use a CPAP device call it quits after just six months. Thankfully, Dr. Jack Ringer, who has been specially trained in Oral Appliance Therapy, can help you find a better solution if you have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.

If you would like more information regarding and HST for Sleep Apnea or oral appliance therapy, call or click and schedule an appointment with Dr. Jack Ringer and his team from Dental Cosmetics today.

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