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Your smile leads the way to making a great first impression in all your social and professional encounters.

Equally important, a healthy mouth is vital to healthy digestive, respiratory, and cardio-vascular systems. It is also the key structure that defines the esthetics and the stability of your facial profile.

One-size-fits-all solutions do not exist for anything related to your dental health and beauty. Truly understanding your needs and desires is vital to a successful journey.

Below is a list of top 8 questions you should ask yourself when evaluating your current cosmetic, general or sleep dental medicine provider or researching a new one:

  1. Longevity – Is the treatment built to last?
  2. Predictability – Were the process and results what I expected?
  3. Biologically sound – Is the treatment ideal for my health and safety?
  4. Functionality – Is the treatment ideal to perform the intended function?
  5. Esthetics – Am I happy with how I appear to myself and others?
  6. Effectiveness – Is this the best way to get the results I want?
  7. Comfort – Was I comfortable during treatment and afterwards?
  8. Economy – Is this the best value for the quality I seek?

Whether you are looking to improve the esthetics of your smile, maintain or restore your dental health, or looking for the right answer to solve a snoring, fatigue or sleep disorder problem for yourself or your loved ones, you should start your search here.
Join the ranks of many who have used our site to become informed consumers. Whether or not you choose us as your dental health provider, we would love to offer the vital information you need before beginning any therapy to achieve your desired outcome.

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